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The Barghesi, also spelt Bhargesi[3], are an alien race known for being 'hyper-violent'[4] that inhabits the Grendl Stars constellation in the Eastern Fringe.[1]


Imperial wars against the Barghesi date back to at least the Great Crusade, where the horrific beasts destroyed an entire Brotherhood of White Scars.[5] Fulgrim and Fabius Bile also fought with this beasts.[6]

According to Imperial records, the Iron Lords Space Marine Chapter proved instrumental in confining the Barghesi to the Grendl Stars, and also in preventing the destructive biological potential of the species from being harvested by Hive Fleet Kraken.[2]

Barghesi, captured by Dark Eldar Beastmasters, are occasionally used for bloody hunts and displays in the gladiatorial Wych arenas of Commorragh.[3]

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