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Blood Games (Short Story)

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Blood Games
Author Dan Abnett
Performer Jonathan Keeble
Publisher Black Library
Released 2009
Collected in Tales of Heresy
Length 1 hour 27 minutes

Cover Description

Amongst the sprawling hives of Terra, Amon Tauromachian of the Emperor's Custodians plays a deadly game as he investigates rumours of treason on humanity's home world.

Amon Tauromachian, one of the Emperor’s elite Custodian Guard, returns to the Imperial Palace after a year on one of the Blood Games by which these exalted heroes train. Tasked with a new mission, he is sent to the hives of Hy Brasil to check on the loyalty of a notorious troublemaker. With the galaxy at war and half the Imperium’s armies in rebellion, any hint of heresy on the Throneworld must be stamped out. Amon’s mission draws him into a web of deceit and betrayal, where no one can be trusted and nothing is at it seems. Can he unravel the truth and secure Terra for the Emperor?


Custodian Guard Amon Tauromachian infiltrates the Imperial Palace as part of a Blood Game designed to discover weaknesses in the palace's security. Ambushed by three workers when he attempts to purchase some drugs he effortlessly kills them and uses the drugs to temporarily stop his heart, allowing him to hide in a cargo crate and fool the security system that scans it. Inside the palace he locates the Emperor and makes it as far as raising his blade to strike before being intercepted by Constantin Valdor.

Given a new mission, Amon and fellow Custodian Haedo Emankon investigate Pherom Sichar, lord of Hy Brasil, who is suspected of leaking information to Horus. Infiltrating a meeting they attempt to arrest Sichar but are stopped by Rogal Dorn, who reveals that Sichar is a triple agent who is posing as a traitor but working for the Imperium. At that moment an assassin strikes, killing Sichar and eight others with a bomb before fleeing on a speeder rigged with explosives. Amon gives chase, kills the assassin and manages to send the speeder up into the atmosphere before it explodes.


Terra, after the Battle of Isstvan III.



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