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Farseer Caerys

Caerys is a Farseer from Craftworld Ulthwé, and the leader of the Eldar forces in the Kaurava system. She is allegedly the successor of Farseer Taldeer. The Eldar are based in a site sacred to them, on Kaurava III, where they destroyed a manifestation of the C'tan god, the Deceiver, while defeating local Necron forces.

Of the warring factions in the Kaurava system, the Dark Eldar Archon Tahril considered Lord Firaeveus Carron and Farseer Caerys to be the least foolish of the other commanders.

Canon Ambiguities

  • If the Eldar faction succeeds in defeating the other factions, the Farseer's forces mysteriously vanish, leaving the few surviving Imperial Guard units in the system to re-build. When Imperial reinforcements arrive, they begin retaking all planets in the Kaurava system except the planet Kaurava III - the planet where the Necrons lie dormant once again. As a result, the Eldar foil any human colonization attempts; so much so that the Imperial Guard eventually decide to leave the planet alone.
  • If the Eldar are defeated, Caerys, rather than facing death or capture, retreats back to her Craftworld through a Webway Gate, declaring resignedly that if the Necrons ever awaken again on Kaurava III another race must stop them "For we, shall be gone."


Farseer Caerys with full wargear