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Crusade of Slaughter

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The Crusade of Slaughter was a battle of the Indomitus Crusade.

The battle was one of the first of the Indomitus Crusade and saw Imperial Crusade Fleet Tertius under Fleetmaster Cassandra VanLeskus battle against a Khornate force including World Eaters[2b] that was slaughtering its way towards the Sol System. An early victim of the Crusade of Slaughter was the Machorta Sector, including the world of Fomor III.[2] At the command of Abaddon the objective of the Crusade of Slaughter was to expand the Great Rift with Blackstone devices.[2c]

At the Battle of Machorta Sound, VanLeskus defeated the Chaos forces and the Ultramarines Unnumbered Son Ferren Areios was able to slay the Daemon Prince commanding the Crusade. Together with the sabotaging of the traitor Blackstone Device, the Crusade of Slaughter was shattered and its survivors were hunted down by VanLeskus' fleet.[2d] The battle proved that Roboute Guilliman's new organizational model for the Indomitus Crusade was effective.[1]

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