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This page contains spoilers for: Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Felfurion is a Bloodthirster of Khorne that rampaged across the galaxy, claiming billions of skulls for the Blood God, before he was banished back to the Warp. Millennia later however, a large Khorne Warband (lead by the Fallen Zufiel) invaded the Imperium world Tarnis in order to conduct a ritual there that would free Felfurion and allow the Bloodthirster to ravage the galaxy once again[1a]. The Warband managed to destroy the Imperial Knights of House Drakkus[1b], in order to stop the Knights from interfering with the ritual, as well as use them as sacrifices for the ritual; but they are now faced more obstacles in the form of the forces of Warboss Nekkruncha[1c], the Dark Angels led by Master Tigraine, the Iron Warden of Tarnis: Altorus, and the sole surviving Knight of House Drakkus: Vortigan[1d]. Despite these forces against them, the warband completed their ritual (with Zufiel using himself as the final sacrifice). The victory was shortlived, however, as Vortigan defeated Felfurion soon after the summoning, banishing him back to the Immaterium.[1e]