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Fleshworks (Novel)

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Author Lucien Soulban
Publisher Black Library
Series Necromunda
Released February 2006
Pages 256
Editions 2006 softcover:
ISBN 9781844163298

2012 in Necromunda Omnibus 2:

ISBN 9781849702683

Fleshworks is a novel written by Lucien Soulban first published in 2006 and included in the 2012 Necromunda Omnibus 2.


For the spies of the secretive House Delaque, survival is even more of a struggle. When Uriah Storm is told that his next target is his friend Soren, a spy working within rivals House Van Saar, he is surprised – Delaque spies are never supposed to know their targets personally. Realising that the real target is not Soren, but his biomechanical implants, Uriah begins to suspect the game is more complex than even he imagined and is forced into a race against time to find his friend before the Van Saar or his fellow assassins do.