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Hieronyma was a Magos Domina of the Ordo Reductor during the Horus Heresy. She ascended to become the Archimandrite at the behest of Fabricator General Kane and took command of the Mechanicum's military forces in the War Within the Webway.[1a]

The Archimandrite

The Archimandrite was an avatar of the Unmaker God, a fusion of Hieronyma's brain with a weaponised chassis similar to that of a Domitar Class Robot[1b] created with forbidden lore from the Hexarchion Vaults. It included clawed feet, fists capable of crushing power armour with flamers in the wrists and shoulder-mounted Volkite and Avenger Bolt cannons. One hand also mounted a double-barrelled energy weapon that produced fusion beams, a rare gift from Arkhan Land.[1c]

When the daemonic hordes overwhelmed Calastar, the Archimandrite ordered all Mechanicum forces to abandon the retreating Imperial forces in a bid to locate and defend the Aresian Path. Most of them were killed or lost before they could converge on its position. The person of Hieronyma resurfaced moments before she was forcibly possessed by the daemon Drach'nyen.[1d] The body of the Archimandrite was destroyed by Baroness Jaya D'Arcus of House Vyridion.[1e]