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Honourum is the homeworld of the Novamarines Chapter.[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Galaxy map ultimasegmentum.jpg
Small cross.pngHonourum
Name: Honourum px
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[1]
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Adeptus Astartes Homeworld[1], Feral World[3]
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non

Honourum is found in the galactic north of the Ultima Segmentum, far away from the Realm of Ultramar and near the Halo Stars. Consisting of only a significant single landmass[5], the region around Honourum is sparsely populated and filled with vast tracts of unexplored wilderness space that is host to all manner of ancient threats, nascent alien empires and as-yet undiscovered lost human worlds.[2] Its mountain peaks are surrounded by boiling seas and constant lightning storms. Each and every mountaintop has since been panned flat by the Chapter's Techmarines, now playing host to rows of statues immortalizing the Chapter's greatest heroes.[5]

Honourum is home to primitive tribes that live a harsh existence on the bare world. The tribes tattoo their bodies after each victory in battle and it is one of the few customs the Novamarines, have adopted from their homeworld.[3][4]

The world was originally claimed by the Ultramarines during the Horus Heresy, when a loyalist force led by Captain Arcaes Odenathus assaulted a Word Bearers garrison. After 3 weeks of fighting that saw the traitors unleash Warp and Age of Strife-era horrors, the blasted ruin of Honourum was captured.[6]

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