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Death of Integrity (Novel)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the novel by Guy Haley; for the Space Hulk, see Death of Integrity.
Death of Integrity
Author Guy Haley
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Preceded by The Death of Antagonis
Followed by Traitor's Gorge
Released August 2013
Pages 416
Editions 2013 paperback
ISBN 9781849702973

Death of Integrity is a novel by Guy Haley in the Space Marine Battles novel series. It was published in August 2013.

In February 2017, it was chosen by David Guymer for Black Library's Hall of Fame collection.

Cover Description

After pursuing an insidious genestealer cult across the sector for years, Chapter Master Caedis of the Blood Drinkers stands ready to destroy the original source of the infection - the vast and mysterious space hulk designated Death of Integrity. However, immediately coming into conflict with both their brothers in the Novamarines Chapter and the priesthood of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Blood Drinkers must reign in their more aggressive instincts and accept the possibility that the hulk itself may be of value to the Imperium...


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