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Icon of Chaos

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Icons of Chaos are standards used in Chaos Daemon armies. These unholy icons shine with the baleful energies of Chaos, guiding Daemons to the mortal plane and anchoring them there.[1]


  • Banner of Blood - Khorne. Brass standards constantly dripping with blood, the smell of which drive's Daemons into a frenzy.[1]
  • Blasted Standard - Tzeentch. These standards are saturated with change and warpfire which leaps out and consumes foes.[1]
  • Plague Banner - Nurgle. These standards emit a aura of pestilence, causing Daemonic weapons to weep with even fouler and more toxic disease.[1]
  • Rapturous Standard - Slaanesh. This icon fills all who gaze upon it with such euphoria that they can barely defend themselves from the carresses of Slaanesh's followers.[1]