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Iron Duty

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The Iron Duty is a Knight Castellan of House Terryn, who was among its forces that took part in the Imperium's invasion of the Fallen Knight World Dharrovar in M42.[1]


The Black Legion later came to Dharrovar's aid, however, and laid the Iron Duty low, forcing it to undergo repairs. As the invasion continued, the Iron Duty was taken to a subterranean Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars compound, on the Fallen Knight World, where work began to bring the Knight Castellan back to the war front. During the course of its repair, though, Black Legion forces led by the Lord Discordant Villix invaded the compound intent on corrupting the Iron Duty's Throne Mechanicum. If they could do so, then the Knight Castellan would aid the Black Legion in destroying the Imperials on Dharrovar. The Adeptus Mechanicus' Skitarii in the compound, however, are now fighting Villix's forces to prevent that from happening.[1]