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Jangsai Khan

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Jangsai Khan[1a]

Jangsai Khan was the Khan of the White Scars Legion's Brotherhood of the Iron Axe, during the later years of the Horus Heresy's Siege of Terra.[1a]


He was born as Tuyo on the Imperial world Ar Rija, which became a training site for Aspirants, who would serve the Loyalist Legions, after the Horus Heresy began. His parents despaired when Jangsai was selected and he held onto his last memory of them, as he underwent his training. It was the last tether to his old life, but despite his determination, months of mental conditioning caused him to lose it. Because the Loyalist Legions were desperate for reinforcements, Tuyo and his fellow Aspirants underwent expedited suboptimal training. However they were far from finished, when Ar Rija was attacked by the Traitor forces of Warmaster Horus. Tuyo and the Aspirants were spirited away, in order to complete their training, as Ar Rija was invaded. As he was taken to safety, Tuyo's last Human attachment to his Homeworld, made him hope it was destroyed by the Traitors. He had had learned that Loyalist worlds suffered greatly at the Warmaster's hands.[1a]

Afterwards his training would continue and would be eventually be completed on Terra. This was before the Siege of Terra began, Jangsai knew it would be his first battle and his last if he died there. He was proud, though, as he was selected to become a member of the White Scars, who were one of the three Loyalists Legions defending Terra. Tuyo and his other fellow White Scar Aspirants, were then initiated into the Legion, by Ganzorig Noyan-Khan. When it was his turn to be approached by the Noyan-Khan, Tuyo chose his Legion name to be Jangsai and he was selected to join the Brotherhood of the Iron Axe. After the Siege began, the White Scars suffered heavy casualties and the Iron Axe were no exception to this. By the time Horus' forces were attacking the Imperial Palace's inner walls, Jangsai had become the Khan of his Brotherhood. Stationed within the Palace, Jangsai was approached by the Stormseer Naranbaatar, just as its inner walls were about to fall. The Stormseer brought word that Ajak Khan, of the Brotherhood of the Amber Eagle, had just been killed. Naranbaatar then gave Jangsai the fallen Khan's Powerblade to wield and told him that he was being given an important mission by his Primarch Jaghatai Khan.[1a]

The Stormseer informed Jangsai, that he was to meet with someone who came from his Homeworld, Ar Rija. It was this shared background, that led Jangsai to be chosen, though, the Khan was reluctant to leave and not fight at his Brotherood's side. Naranbaatar assured him, however, that he would have plenty of chances to fight soon enough. Jangsai interpreted that to mean the Siege was approaching its end, which the Stormseer confirmed to the Khan. It was for this reason, that Jangsai let go of his reluctance and asked Naranbaatar where he needed to go to begin his mission.[1a]

Jangsai later took part in Jaghatai Khan's counterattack to retake the Lion's Gate Spaceport, surviving the battle and rallying alongside other senior remaining officers such as Shiban Khan and Ganzorig Noyan-Khan to secure the port facilities rather than fight on to the death following the wounding of the Great Khan.[1b] Mere hours later, Jangsai was back in battle alongside Ganzorig Noyan-Khan, Shiban Khan, and others to defend the retaken Lion's Gate from Traitor counterattacks.[2]