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Kalendela Tol

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Kalendela Tol is Sangua Terra's Imperial Commander and the leading figure responsible for aiding the Imperium in stabilizing the Gorandahl Sub-sector in the wake of the Great Rift's creation.[1]


When the giant Warp Storm was born, Sangua Terra was mysteriously spared from its ravages. This allowed Tol to fortify her world and to also provide military aid to the other worlds of the Sanguis System, which had by then been invaded by Heretics. She then created the Sangua-Terran War Council, which helped Tol to stabilize the remaining Imperial Systems of the Gorandahl Sub-sector until contact with the wider Imperium was made. Bitter years of warfare followed, but the Sub-sector became relatively stable. The later discovery of the Nachmund Gauntlet would make Gorandahl's safety a priority for the Imperium and it became used to send supplies to the important world of Vigilus. Tol and the Council, though, became overstretched as they complied with their new orders, while also protecting the Sub-sector from the Imperium's enemies.[1]

A disaster was inevitable as a result and it came in the form of a billowing Warp flare from the Great Rift. The Sanguis System was struck by it, leaving only Sangua Terra relatively unharmed. The rest of the System's worlds were crippled and even Sangua Terra's Moon, Sigil, was transformed into a Daemonic landscape. It was from there, that the Daemon Lord Tchorr'Kan's legions began attacking Sangua Terra and other neighboring worlds. Worse still, word spread that Abaddon the Despoiler had sent his forces down the Nachmund Gauntlet and the Heretics would soon fall upon Gorandahl.[1]

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