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Kato Campaign

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The Kato Campaign was fought by the Imperium in 762.M41.[1]


The Catachan MXIV ‘Unseen Lurkers’ Regiment, led by Colonel 'Steel Eye' Black, battle Orks of the Deathskulls clan on the shadow world of Kato. Dire visibility and exceptionally rough terrain reduce the war to a never-ending string of bloody skirmishes that test the skills of the Catachan infantry to their limits. Neither side is able to gain an advantage until Sentinel teams locate and destroy the Orks’ Stompa factory, hidden in the depths of the Widow Valley.[1]

The Deathskulls respond by launching an all-out final offensive that threatens to overwhelm Imperial forces with its sheer ferocity. However, the Orks’ attack is caught in the jaws of a series of Catachan ambushes, the coolly strategic Colonel Black dissecting and destroying the remaining Ork forces over three days of bloodshed.[1]