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Kill Team: Annual 2022

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Kill Team: Annual 2022
Released August 2022[1]
Pages 152
Followed by Kill Team: Annual 2023

Kill Team: Annual 2022 is a supplement for the 3rd edition of Kill Team. It is a collection of rules for teams and missions previously published in White Dwarf, as well as two new teams from the previous edition of Kill Team, the Elucidan Starstriders and the Gellerpox Infected.[1]


  • Three mission packs, each offering new ways to play in a total of 15 missions:
    • 6 Sentries missions, simulating infiltration missions where intruders sneak past sentries within enemy lines[2]
    • 6 Multiplayer missions, allowing battle royale games featuring three or four players[2]
    • 3 Last Stand missions designed as capstones for a narrative campaign[2]