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Kingsblade (Novel)

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Author Andy Clark
Publisher Black Library
Series Imperial Knights
Followed by Knightsblade
Released February 2017
Pages 271

Kingsblade is a novel by Andy Clark and the first of the Imperial Knights Novel Series. It was published in February 2017.

Cover Description[1]

The Knight Houses of Adrastapol are both noble and righteous, and when the Imperial world of Donatos falls to the heresy of the Word Bearers, they are foremost in the vanguard to retake it. Led by High King Tolwyn Draconis, the Knights are peerless in battle and strike deep into the enemy’s ranks. But the war soon turns when a terrible tragedy strikes, casting the Imperial campaign into anarchy. As desperation grows, unblooded Knights Errant Danial and Luk must quickly learn the ways of war to prevent an unholy ritual or Donatos will be lost and all the noble Houses of Adrastapol with it.[1]

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