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Maynarkh Dynasty

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Colour Scheme Information Symbol
Name: Maynarkh Dynasty
Phaeron: Xun'bakyr
Capital: Unknown
Colours: Orange

The Maynarkh Dynasty is a Necron Dynasty active in Segmentum Tempestus.


Before the War in Heaven, the Maynarkh held a sinister reputation among other Necrontyr Dynasties, known for their savagery and malice. The Silent King deliberately conditioned them to have their malignancy and ruthlessness deepened during their transformation into mechanical Necrons, utilizing them with brutal efficiency in the revolt against the C'tan. It is said that Maynarkh warriors are the ones who obliterated the C'tan Llandu'gor, the Flayer, but before his death he infected them with his own dark hunger for all life. The Maynarkh found no peace after the revolt, instead hunting the galaxy for any remnants of the Old Ones to destroy. It is said that the first instances of the Curse of the Flayer were encountered in the courts of the Maynarkh.[1b]

Before the Great Sleep, other Necron Dynasties such as the Atun and Sautekh counselled the Silent King to destroy the Maynarkh, so their infestation and shame could be erased once and for all. However the Silent King maintained that he still had use for them and they were allowed to live on. During the Great Sleep, large amounts of Canoptek constructs and solar manipulator arrays protected their Tomb Worlds from danger, and they emerged from their slumber at a high level of strength.[1b]

The Maynarkh finally emerged from their sleep after the ancient Caracol Binary Star went supernova. Upon awakening, many emerged from stasis to only quickly transform into Flayed Ones while hundreds of thousands more emerged unaltered beyond their unnatural lust for destruction and bloodshed. As the unaffected Necrons of the Maynarkh realized that they too would eventually descend into nothing but savage flayed ones, they embraced nihilism and a hatred of all life. However it was the efforts of their Overlords, most of all Phaerakh Xun'bakyr, that allowed order to be restored to the Dynasty. Xun'bakyr gave the Dynasty a purpose for which it was well suited: the genocide and systematic extermination of all life.[1b]

After years of probing and study, eventually Maynarkh first made contact with the Imperium in the ongoing Orphean War.[1x]

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