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Menazoid Clasp

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Small cross.pngSabbat Worlds
Location of the Menazoid Clasp[3][4][Note 1]

The Menazoid Clasp is a star system of the Sabbat Worlds region, in the Segmentum Pacificus.[1a]

The system was invaded by the Imperium forces during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, in order to liberate it from the forces of Chaos. Many Imperial Guard Regiments were deployed across the system and the invasion was ultimately successful.[1b]

Known Worlds



  • Note 1: This is the position on the galactic map of Urdesh[3][4], a Forge World located in the Sabbat Worlds.[2] Given the size of a sector of space relative to the galaxy, it is reasonable to presume that the rest of the Sabbat Worlds, including the Cabal System, would be in roughly the same position as well.