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Merelda Pereth

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Merelda Pereth is a Lord High Admiral in the Imperial Navy and served as its representative on the High Lords of Terra, during the Thirteenth Black Crusade. Admiral Pereth was one of the High Lords which supported Chancellor of the Imperial Council Lev Tieron's attempt to push through a Dissolution act that would free the Adeptus Custodes from their vows on Terra.[1a]

During the unrest on Terra following the creation of the Great Rift Pereth was among the most vocally opposed to the Arx Doctrine which saw the abandonment of much of the Throneworld to Anarchy. According to Lev Tieron, this may have been due to her experience in void warfare and not understanding the necessities on the ground. Pereth commanded the might of Battlefleet Solar but was frustrated by its uselessness during the crisis of the Noctis Aeterna.[1b]

Pereth ultimately joined Irthu Haemotalion's Hexarchy against Guilliman, but was slain by Callidus Assassins of Fadix when the coup unraveled.[2]