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Nullus was a Chaos Space Marine of the Alpha Legion, who served as the Lieutenant of the Daemon Prince Kernax Voldorius.[1a]

Nullus and his warband frequently clashed with the White Scars 3rd Company during Kor'sarro Khan's Hunt for Voldorius.[1e] Nullus's force fought against Kor'sarro on Sagrifarri[1e] and Cernis IV[1a]; after ambushing the White Scars on Cernis IV, Nullus believed Kor'sarro and his Marines to be dead and returned to Voldorius, who was in the process of conquering the planet Quintus.[1b]

At one point after Voldorius had subjugated Quintus, a team of pro-Imperial resistance fighters led by Makaal tried to assassinate the Daemon Prince by sabotaging a teleportarium array while Voldorius, Nullus and Voldorius's equerry were travelling through it. Nullus saved his master's life by destroying the malfunctioning device, sealing the warp rift that it was generating.[1c][1d]

The White Scars had survived Nullus's trap, however, and tracked him to Quintus. There, the White Scars were able to reinforce a Company of the Raven Guard led by Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike, in their attempt to liberate Quintus. During the battle, Nullus fought against Kor'sarro and his Command Squad, revealing that he was more than just a Chaos Marine - Nullus's form had been enhanced by the power of Chaos. This was not enough to best the White Scars, however, and Nullus was killed by the combined efforts of Kor'sarro and the 3rd Company's Champion, Kergis.[1e]


In battle, Nullus wielded a black-bladed power halberd that was capable of draining the energy supply of other power weapons that it came into contact with.[1d]