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Numitor (Blood Angels)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Sanguinary Priest. For other uses of Numitor, see Numitor (disambiguation).

Numitor was a Sanguinary High Priest of the Blood Angels Chapter.[1]


He was among the Blood Angels the Chapter committed to the fight against the Despoiler's hordes in the 13th Black Crusade; Numitor's force added their strength to the defence of Agripinaa from Kossolax the Foresworn, an infamous Champion of Khorne.[1]

At one point in the fighting, Kossolax sacrificed a number of his World Eaters to summon forth a mighty Bloodthirster. Numitor confronted the daemon and managed to stun the creature, only for it to sever Numitor's arm with a crack of its whip. This caused Numitor to drop the grail he was holding, spilling the blood of Sanguinius contained within it.[1]

The sight of their Primarch's spilled blood, combined with Numitor yelling the words of the Rite of Exsanguination, caused the assembled Death Company Marines to go berserk and charge the Bloodthirster, cutting it down at the cost of half their number before unleashing their unstoppable rage against Kossolax's warriors. Although the Imperials were able to drive the World Eaters off of Agripinaa, Kossolax escaped and Numitor has vowed to hunt him down.[1]