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Ra Endymion

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Ra Endymion was a Tribune of the Legio Custodes during the Horus Heresy and the commander of the Custodians in the War Within the Webway.[1c]


Ra Endymion was the son of Koja Zu, the Minister of the Anuatan Steppes.[1d] He was born on Terra during the Unification Wars, around the time of the Battle of Maulland Sen. Zu was executed by Constantin Valdor for the crime of stealing Terra's last ocean when Ra was four years old, and the boy was taken for the Legio Custodes.[1b]

Ra was given the name Ra in honour of an ancient sun god[1d] and became the leader of Squad Dynastes. Dubbed the Lords of Terra by the Emperor, the squad was composed of twenty sons and nephews taken as tributes from defeated Terran rulers and warlords.[1f]

Horus Heresy

By the time of the Horus Heresy, Ra had earned eight hundred and seventy-one names[1e] and the rank of Tribune.[1a] He fought in the War Within the Webway, eventually taking sole command of the Custodian forces after five years and the deaths of Tribunes Kadai Vilaccan and Jasac.[1c]

When Calastar fell to the daemonic hordes, the Emperor left the Golden Throne to cover the retreat and confront the daemon Drach'nyen. The daemon took the form of a Stone Epoch war-chief, impaling the Emperor and claiming it would be His death. The Emperor ripped the daemon, now in the form of the daemon sword, from His body and hurled it at Ra, impaling him and binding it within him. As the last Imperial forces retreated from the webway, He ordered Ra to run.[1h]


As a warrior of the Hykanatoi caste[1a], Ra fought with the traditional Guardian Spear. He carried a pair of Meridian Swords as secondary weapons, which he used while his spear was reloaded by an Armoury Thrall.[1g]


  • Endymion is a shepherd in Greek mythology