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Salamanders: Rebirth (Novel)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the novel by Nick Kyme; for the Short Story by Chris Wraight, see Rebirth (Short Story).
Salamanders: Rebirth
Author Nick Kyme
Publisher Black Library
Series Tome of Fire
Preceded by Nocturne
Released September 2014
Pages 320

Salamanders: Rebirth is the fourth novel in the Tome of Fire series by Nick Kyme.

Cover Description

Five years have passed since war came to Nocturne. Third Company, still feeling its losses, recovers its strength. And though a small party have ventured out in search of a certain errant fire-born, it is the Salamanders of Fifth Company who must wage war. On Heletine, the Black Legion has come in the name of Chaos and only Brother-Captain Drakgaard's warriors stand in the way of their dark glory. Victory for the Imperium hinges on the alliance between the Salamanders and The Sisters of the Ebon Chalice, warrior zealots and devout servants of the Ecclesiarchy. But there is more to this Promethean War than conquest, and only as the conflict grinds on are the true motives of the enemy revealed...


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