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Staff of Tomorrow

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Tzeentchian Daemon Weapon; for the Necron weapon, see Staff of the Tomorrow.
Staff of Tomorrow

The Staff of Tomorrow is a Daemon Weapon of Tzeentch.


The Staff of Tomorrow was made by Kairos Fateweaver himself and its core is said to be imbued with the essence of rival Lords of Change. The rod is wrought of changefire and is saturated with prophetic visions glimpsed in the Well of Eternity. Atop the staff rests the Tome of Destiny, a recording of what both of Kairos' heads proclaim, mixing both insights with possible futures. As Kairos speaks, new text scribes across the pages, morphing and rewriting itself even as time and events unfold. To look upon these pages induces madness.[2]

At some point, a rebellious Daemon Prince managed to steal the staff away and plant it in the Garden of Nurgle. However, during one of the many battles of the Great Game, Kairos Fateweaver managed to infiltrate the garden and retrieve the staff.[1]