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The Carnac Campaign (Anthology)

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The Carnac Campaign
Cover art
Author Joe Parrino, Graeme Lyon, Rob Sanders
Publisher Black Library
Preceded by The Carnac Campaign: Nightspear
Followed by The Carnac Campaign: Spirit War
Released February 2014

The Carnac Campaign is an Anthology released by Black Library Publishing. It contains three Eldar short stories that were previously available only online.

Cover Description

The necrons descend upon the maiden world of Carnac. The deathless legions march across the verdant plains of the eldar world, bringing destruction to all in their path. With the skeins of fate clouded and the future uncertain, Farseer Eldorath Starbane unleashes the hosts of Alaitoc upon their ancient enemy. In an attempt to end the war at a stroke, Starbane sends Illic Nightspear and his rangers to assassinate the necron overlords – but when the mission goes wrong, it falls to an embittered and nihilistic Crimson Hunters exarch, an ambitious autarch and the long dead of the craftworld to try and save Carnac... or to hold off the necrons long enough for the world’s inhabitants to escape.



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