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The Kaban Project (Short Story)

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The Kaban Project
Cover art
Author Graham McNeill
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy series
Collected in Horus Heresy: Collected Visions
Shadows of Treachery

A short story written by Graham McNeill, The Kaban Project is set on Mars and focuses on the actions of an Adeptus Mechanicus Adept during the initial stages of the Horus Heresy. It is notable in that it features renegade Mechanicus attempting to engineer a true Artificial Intelligence. Writing this story inspired the author to further explore the role of the Adeptus Mechanicus during the Heresy, and the ninth book in the Horus Heresy novel series, Mechanicum, by the same author, also features the Kaban Machine.

Cover Description[1]

The Mechanicum priesthood guards its secrets carefully - few of its technological marvels and processes are fully understood by the Imperium, and many more could be deadly if allowed to fall into the wrong hands. However, in the forges of Lukas Chrom, something sinister has come into being. Rumours abound of forbidden lore and artificial sentience, and a name has been whispered in the dark corners of the Martian data network: 'Kaban'.

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