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Vanqualis is a planet somewhere in the Scaephan Sector. It lies in the Obsidian System.[Needs Citation]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Vanqualis Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Unknown
Sector: Scaephan Sector
Subsector: Unknown
System: Obsidian System
Population: closest known numbers are in billions[Needs Citation]
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Hive World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Obsidian System

The Obsidian System holds 5 planets:

In the 41st Millennium

The planet is home to the Falken family, which rules it in a near-feudal state. Its only contact with the Imperium is when it pays its yearly tithes. One of its largest cities, and the capital city, Palatium, was overrun by an Ork horde. It holds two continents, Herograve, which is covered in hive cities, and Nevermourn, the jewel of the Obsidian system. The Soul Drinkers and the Howling Griffons Chapters, along with the 901st Penal Legion have been sent to help the planet.[Needs Citation]