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Warp Storm

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Major Warp Storms in the Imperium M35-M41

Warp Storms are volatile events in both the Immaterium and Materium linked to the nature of the Warp.[1]


The Warp is an extremely volatile medium. At times, disturbances can turn areas of the Warp into raging storms of incomprehensibly destructive fury. These storms can last for days, months, or even centuries. Ships caught in these storms, at best, might be blown off-course, to emerge thousands of light-years off course into uncharted areas of the galaxy, or can find themselves trapped inside the Warp, a terrible fate for its passengers as they become playthings for the dark creatures that inhabit the malign realm. Sometimes, a ship, after traveling through the Warp for only a short time, will emerge from the Warp and find that centuries have passed in real space. The storms also cut off Warp travel through certain regions, isolating systems from the Imperium for months, years, or even centuries. Some systems have always been isolated and show no hint of becoming otherwise.[1]

Particularly dangerous Warp Storms were noted during the Age of Strife, which led to the devastation of Humanity's interstellar realms. They only dissipated with the birth of Slaanesh.[2]

Notable Warp Storms

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