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White Dwarf 454

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White Dwarf 454
Released May 2020 (June 2020)[Notes]
Preceded by White Dwarf 453
Followed by White Dwarf 455

White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month such as new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests and more.

Since January 2020, the magazine is again issued under a serial number, given the numbering from previous months.



  • Letters, painting advice and loads of beautifully painted miniatures in this month’s Contact! Also, containers.

Worlds of Warhammer

  • Phil discusses how our favourite miniature warriors go to battle and the many stories we have to tell about them. Unless you’re Guardsman 88 – we don't like Guardsman 88.

Inside the Studio

  • Check out all the wonderful hobbying the studio team has been up to over the last few weeks.


Index Xenos: Goff Orks

  • Waaagh! Read all about the biggest and ’ardest Orks around – da Goffs! Includes background on large conflicts involving the Goffs, including Armageddon, Ryza and others. Features 3 new datasheets for open and narrative play only, including one with a more musikal focus...

Paint Splatter

  • Stage-by-stage guides for painting Goff Orks, covering Classic and Contrast styles for all levels of hobbyist.

Kitbashin’ & Kollectin’

  • We show how to konvert Nobz and Big Mekz. There’s also a gallery of Goff Orks for inspiration. We hope you like black.

Echoes from the Warp

  • Games developer Elliot Hamer joins us to discuss how stories and background drive the creation of rules.

Tradition’s Last Breath

  • Could this be the end for the Angels of Death, or is it just the beginning? A short story by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

A New and Deadly Dance

  • Please welcome to the stage, exciting new rules for Aeldari Harlequins! Includes 9 Stratagems, 6 Enigmas of the Black Library, as well as variant rules for Pivotal Roles for the Troupe Master, Death Jester, Solitaire and Shadowseer.

Galactic War Zones – Imperial Hive Worlds

  • Ever wanted to build and paint an army from a hive world? Here’s our guide! Includes a painting spotlight from James Acons on painting 'The Rust Pit'.

History Of A Chapter

  • Part two of the White Dwarf team explaining how they went about creating their own Space Marine Chapter – the Tome Keepers.

Faith & Fire – Part IV

  • The fourth part in this classic Sisters of Battle novel by James Swallow.


Rules Of Engagement

  • Jervis takes a scenic jaunt through the evolution of Warhammer terrain. Do you remember polystyrene hills?


  • Part three of the Hallost campaign. This instalment includes new campaign rules, a map and four new battleplans.

Battle Report – The Lumineth Resurgent

  • Led by Teclis himself, the Lumineth Realm-lords find themselves in a desperate battle against the Slaves to Darkness.


A Tale of Four Warbands

  • Part two of the White Dwarf team's jaunt into Warcry, as Lyle, Jonathan, Matt and Dan continue their campaigns. Some are more successful than others …

A Light In The Darkness

  • Rules for using the Lumineth Realm-lords in Warcry, including a campaign. Also includes 11 profiles and their points.


The Witch-hunting Elite

  • Introducing new rules for the most experienced and deadly witch-hunting kill team of all – the Sisters of Silence. Includes 4 Tactics, 3 Datasheets, points and more.


Glory Points

  • Dave Sanders chats about Flex warbands and how to get the most out of them. Being flexible helps, apparently.

Path to Victory

  • Sorry, we just couldn’t keep him away! Dave’s back again, this time with a ten-page Warhammer Underworlds tactics article. Includes a look at Ironsouls Condemnors and Lady Harrow's Mournflight.


Classic Play – 2489 Maw Day Belly Ball

  • It’s the 2489 Maw Day Belly Ball Grand Exhibition Match, of course! Includes background, rules and rosters to allow you to recreate this classic game on your own pitch.


Defender Of The Mark

  • Middle-earth word-scribbler Jay Clare provides a tactics guide for Éomer, the Marshal of the Riddermark.


  • Notes: Though this magazine issue is for May 2020 it was released in June 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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