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Andros Launceddre

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Andros Launceddre was the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes in M41 and was the successor of Galahoth, who had mysteriously vanished without a trace.[1]

Galahoth's disappearance however, struck right before a shocking increase in Cult activity – both heretical and xenophile – engulfed the Sol System. Launceddre was then forced to deal with not only these threats, but also undo the damaging stagnation Galahoth's rule had done to the Adeptus Custodes. Doomsday sects soon appeared and reports from the Dark Cells cited a growing sense of agitation amongst the hidden inmates. The worst was yet to come though, as Launceddre was killed during the Battle of the Gilded Pyre[1a] (also named the Battle of the Black Pyre)[1b], after following the false predictions of a sub-sect of the Custodes' doomscryer psykers, which had unknowingly become possessed by Daemons. It is amidst this climate of spiraling paranoia and danger, that Trajann Valoris was chosen to become Launceddre's successor as Captain-General.[1a]