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Apharan (Primaris)

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Apharan is a Primaris who serves in the Dark Angels Chapter's Deathwing Company.[1a]

He was originally a member of the Indomitus Crusade's Greyshields and was among its Dark Angels decedents that were taken by Lord Commander Guilliman to reinforce the Chapter. A grim figure possessed of the taciturn nature, Apharan knew that wearing Dark Angels colours alone would unlikely be enough to earn his brothers' respect or to be accepted into their cloistered brotherhood. Despite already having a wealth of victorious battles to his name, Apharan made it his personal task to learn every lesson he could from his new brothers, absorbing what little of their history they revealed, their rituals, combat patterns, and more. Rapidly taking in this complex information, Apharan applied it on the battlefield and swiftly earned a reputation for competence, efficiency, and ruthlessness[1a]. However he and the other Primaris, were still treated as outsiders by the Dark Angels, and were not looked upon as true Battle Brothers. Many battles later, Apharan found himself the only warrior left alive from his original squad of ten, as the last died in the boarding attack on the Sirens of Agony Strike Cruiser, Pain Aeterna[1b]. It was while fighting there, that Apharan came to the attention of the Deathwing[1a], after he and his Battle Brother Tarnis were ordered to hold a vital chokepoint. This was to give the Deathwing squadron of Sergeant Kalaviel, the time they needed to secure Strike Cruiser's bridge. This nearly ended in Apharan's death, however, as shortly after they arrived at the chokepoint, Tarnis was killed and he was attacked by waves of the Sirens of Agony's Cultists.[1b]

Despite being heavily outnumbered, Apharan was able to single-handedly defend the chokepoint, for sometime until he was eventually overwhelmed. It was at the last second before he was about to be killed, though, that Kalaviel's Deathwing squadron arrived and destroyed the remaining Cultists[1b]. Afterwards, Apharan's actions led the Deathwing to initiate the process for him to join their ranks. Unbeknownst to him however, Grand Master Azrael had placed the chance of the Primaris' ever serving in the Inner Circle, on Apharan's shoulders. Many within his own Chapter and the Unforgiven did not trust the Primaris to learn the full history of the Fallen and were against them serving in the Inner Circle at all. With their strength depleted by recent battles, Azrael knew this was foolhardy, but could not ignore the naysayers' concerns, without risking a schism forming within their ranks. Thus, Azrael told them that Apharan's success or failure to earn entry into the Deathwing, would determine the matter and he would personally oversee the Primaris' trials. Apharan's later success, ended the debate for good and while some of the Unforgiven Masters still remain skeptical, their loyalty and trust in Azrael outweighs their doubts.[1a]