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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Second to bear the name Archamus; for the First Archamus, see Archamus.
Kestros as Archamus, second of his name[5]

Kestros, later to become the second bearer of the name Archamus[4], was a member of the Imperial Fists during the Horus Heresy.

A Sergeant within the elite Huscarls guard of Rogal Dorn, Kestros faithfully served Archamus. When Archamus was killed by Alpharius during the Battle of Pluto, Kestros became the new commander of the Huscarls. He thereafter took on the name of Archamus in memory of his commander.[2]

Kestros, as Archamus, next appeared questioning Vulkan when the Primarch emerged from the Webway on Terra.[2] He was at Dorn's side throughout the final phase of the Solar War, leading his Huscarls into battle against the Daemons of Samus aboard the Phalanx.[3] He continued to serve his role during the Siege of Terra, overseeing operations in Dorn's Grand Borealis command center in the Bhab Bastion.[4]

Following the fall of the Bhab Bastion to Traitor forces and Dorn's departure alongside the Emperor in the assault on the Vengeful Spirit, Archamus was named the commander of the remaining loyalist forces on Terra.[6] He oversaw a desperate last stand at the Palatine Bastion when they hear the prayer chanting of Actae which offers some hope to their situation.[7]