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Battle for Antax

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The Battle for Antax was a battle between the Blood Angels and an Ork Waaagh! under Warboss Gutstompa on the Forge World Antax[1], that occurred in 927.M41.[2]


Antax, being a prominent Forge World of the Vidar Sector, was a Loota's dream, packed with heavy weapons and arcane technology. It also supplied hundred of Imperial Guard regiments and a dozen Space Marine Chapters with necessary supplies. As a result, its fall represented a potential disaster for the Imperium. So it was that Captain Donatos Aphael of the Blood Angels turned his strike force towards Antax, despite his Battle-Brothers being exhausted from battles against the Necron World Engine.[1]

The battle began when the Battle Barge Blade of Vengeance and its Strike Cruiser escort arrived in orbit of Antax, discovering a vast Adeptus Mechanicus Fleet that had been destroyed by Ork warships in battle. The entirety of the Ork fleet had either been destroyed in the engagement or since landed (which for the Orks, often mean crashed) and as a result the Blood Angels had control of Antax's space. The Blade of Vengeance launched a devastating orbital bombardment which destroyed those Ork vessels which had landed on the group.[1]

Fortunately for the Blood Angels, the Ork horde, tens of thousands strong, had since fractured into smaller warbands in their search for valuable loot to salvage from the planet. Only around the planet's primary factory-city of Prime Forge did a sizable Ork force remain, still besieging the Adeptus Mechanicus forces there. Aphael thus deployed half his Battle-Brothers to deal with the smaller Ork warbands while he led a Drop Pod assault into the Ork barricades around Forge Prime. Surprised by a heavy orbital bombardment, the Orks were taken unawares and shocked by the sudden Blood Angels orbital assault. Taking advantage of the confusion, the Blood Angels surged forwards and inflicted heavy casualties on the Orks. However by this point Gutstompa finally organized a counter-attack, the Warboss himself leading the charge on his Kustom Battlewagon. Around the massive vehicle were the Warboss's Meganob bodyguards.[1]

It was then that Aphael's plan almost came undone in the face of overwhelming greenskins, and the emergence of the Red Thirst among Captain Atreon's Devastator Squad. Overcome by bloodlust, the Devastators cast down their heavy weapons and charged headlong into the Orks, only to be overwhelmed by the greenskin tide. Worse, the Captain could feel the Red Thirst growing within himself as well. Amongst the confusion that reigned within the Blood Angel ranks, many Battle-Brothers fell to the Orks. Gutstompa and his bodyguards charged into the Blood Angels, confronting Aphael himself. It was at this moment that the Captain ordered the awakening of the Death Company Marines which had been in stasis aboard the Blade of Vengeance. The Death Company would not go into battle alone, for the Death Company Dreadnought Moriar the Chosen was also awoken. The bloodthirsty strikeforce deployed from the Stormraven Gunship Red Glory.[1]

As the Stormraven swept down from orbit, its missiles managed to destroy Gutstompa's personal Battlewagon, sending the furious Warboss flying. The Red Glory continued to mow down Orks with its assault weapons while also releasing the Death Company and Moriar. Though outnumbered and encircled, the Death Company had no hope or comprehension of hope and mowed through the Ork hordes before them with Chainsword, Blades, and their bare hands. The Death Company's bloodlust terrified even the war-hungry Orks, who began to attempt to flee the frenzied warriors. For a moment, Gutstompa's Mega-Armored Nobz managed to halt the Death Company's advance, until Moriar entered the fray and smashed the Nobz aside. Moriar then tore the Warboss apart with his Claws.[1]

As the Death Company tore at the heart of the Ork Horde, the remaining Blood Angels redoubled their efforts. Captain Aphael and his Battle-Brothers succumbed to the Red Thirst, charging forward into the Ork ranks, slaying the remaining Orks. Finally the Ork horde broke, fleeing or slaughtered before the frenzied Blood Angels. A scant hour later the Red Thirst lifted and the Orks were all but obliterated, and Antax belonged to the Imperium once more.[1]