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Battle of Fordris

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The Battle of Fordris was fought on the world of Fordris between the Necrons and Orks of Waaagh! Skullkrak.[1]


Ork Warboss Skullrak had led his boyz to the ghost world of Fordris, pursuing rumors of ancient weaponry to be plundered and used in his campaign against the Raven Guard Space Marines. However, Fordris was not uninhabited and the Orks discovered it was very much an active Tomb World holding legions of Necron Warriors.[1]

Unleashing a devastating volley of Gauss Flayer fire into the Ork lines in phalanx formation, the Orks were cut down and Skullrak himself only survived by using one of his boyz as a shield. However the Orks kept charging at the Necrons, taking no heed to their losses and soon the battle erupted into a vicious melee. Ripping the Necrons apart and seemingly victorious, the Orks began to celebrate but their victory was cut short when the Necrons regeneration circuits kicked in and the mechanical legion was upon Skullrak once more. This scene would replay itself all across Fordris: the Orks' ferocity bore the Necrons to the ground, but again and again the fallen put themselves back together to fight once more.[1]

However the battle had seemingly turned for Orks favor when the tide from the nearby ocean swept in, causing vital components of downed Necrons to sweep out to sea and make regeneration impossible. But this soon proved deadly as Necrons who did regenerate were able to hide beneath the waves and strike the Orks at will. The Orks were now forced against a cliff, the necron-infested sea at their backs when a Monolith emerged from the waves and obliterated the last of the Orks, including Skullrak himself.[1]

Far beneath the surface of the bay in a stone chamber, two Necron Lords watched a recreation of the battle via holograms and determined that the combat effectiveness of the Necron Legions of Fordris was only 70%. Realizing that more tests were required to put their legions at 100% effiency, the Lords activated a Mindshackle Scarab on a human Tech Priest Dreicon, who three months later began his own expedition to Fordris in search of the cache of xenos technology. The resulting war would again test the Necrons of Fordris until their war craft achieved perfection.[1]