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Black Bone Road (Graphic Novel)

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Black Bone Road is a short graphic novel, written by Graham McNeill and illustrated by Jonathan Standing. It was originally published in Issue #44 of Inferno! Magazine in 2004, and re-published in Ultramarines: The Second Omnibus.


Epsilon Regalis was the crown jewel of the Formosa sector. Loyal, civilised, everything a world of the Imperium should be. However, it has turned from the Emperor's light for some unknown reason.

Warriors of the Ultramarines' 4th Company, led by Captain Idaeus, are sent to investigate the turmoil that had affected this world. Idaeus, a contingent of Assault Marines, and the then-veteran sergeant Uriel Ventris were to attack the centre of the rebellion with the assistance of Inquisitor Markhov. While this was occurring, veteran sergeants Pasanius and Learchus were also headed to the battle within Rhino transports escorted by Predator Annihilators.

The assault marines landed in the midst of the rebel forces, and proceeded to rapidly kill the traitors in their path, slowly making their way to the leader of the heretic forces. However, the unbound psyker revealed himself and began wreaking havoc upon the ranks of the Ultramarines, seemingly withstanding the worst that they could throw at it.

It was at this time that Markhov revealed himself, binding the psyker with the help of his aide, Arakoni, and tamed him by speaking the holy words of the Emperor. Markhov and the Space Marines then rallied together and carried their prisoner to the waiting Rhinos. Despite the Inquisitor's best efforts, however, the psyker still managed to influence one of the battle brothers manning the lascannon sponson of one of the escort Predators, and made him fire upon the transport. In the ensuing chaos, the psyker was free. However, instead of making his escape, the psyker attempted to wreak vengeance on his captors, killing Markhov in the process and destroying the escort vehicles.

With the psyker's followers closing in, Ideaus determined that he could not be allowed to escape, and quickly requested support from the orbiting Thunderhawks, despite protests from his men that it was against the Codex Astartes since they were too close to the enemy. The resultant attack run from the Thunderhawks succeeded in overcoming the psyker's warp-borne defenses and incinerated his body. With the psyker dead, the populace were free of his malign influence and returned to normal.

This campaign was significant in the development of Uriel Ventris as a leader, as it showed him that a Space Marine did not have to think within the realms of the Codex to gain victory.

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