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Black Crusade of The Destroyer

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The Black Crusade of the Destroyer was a Black Crusade led by a Daemon of Tzeentch, known as The Destroyer.[1c]


This page contains spoilers for: Bloodquest (Graphic Novel Series)

After being cast out from the ruined body of the Ork Warlord Garshul, The Destroyer was able to posses the Blood Angel Leonatos, who had destroyed Garshul's body[1a], after his capture on the Daemon World of Eidolon[1b]. Using the battle experience and tactical knowledge it gained from possessing Leonatos, the Daemon gathered Chaos Space Marine forces to itself and soon began a Black Crusade. World after world fell and the High Lords of Terra began marshaling forces to stop the Crusade. Meanwhile, the Blood Angels Lysander and Cloten began to track the Black Crusade to try and free Leonatos, their former leader, who they believed was being held captive by the Daemon, not knowing he had been possessed. The Blood Angels search took them to a world under attack by the Crusade, where they joined the Destroyer's forces posing as Renegade Space Marines.[1c]

After the conquest was over, The Destroyer came to the world to see the victory its forces had achieved; and to meet the Blood Angels who helped make it possible. Seeing their chance Lysander and Cloten attacked the Daemon, only to see the face of their leader Leonatos. Shocked, they were soon overwhelmed and taken prisoner. With the Blood Angels captive, the Black Crusade began to move to its next target. Originally intending to invade the Marsa System, The Destroyer, drawing on the tactical knowledge from possessing Leonatos's body, instead decided to bypass Marsa; a fact it kept secret from its Generals as well as the Imperial spies on the Crusade's ships. This would take the Imperial Navy, waiting in ambush in Marsa, off guard and allow the Daemon's forces time to invade and slaughter the undefended Kharis System nearby.[1c]

While in transit, Leonatos was able to briefly regain control of his body from The Destroyer. Using the time he had, he ordered that the Chaos fleet change its direction and invade the Marsa system. Knowing the Daemon would realize he had just sent the Crusade into an ambush, Leonatos used the Blood Angel's ability to erase information from their minds, so that the Daemon would not know what he had done. Meanwhile, Lysander and Cloten were able to free themselves and started a revolt amongst the slaves on The Destroyer's Battle Barge. Using the slaves as a distraction Lysander went to disable the Warp field generators, while Cloten stayed behind and led the slaves against the Daemon's Chaos Space Marine forces. Realizing what Lysander planned on doing, The Destroyer was there waiting for him when he arrived.[1c]

During the furious battle that followed, Lysander was able to wound Leonatos badly enough, that he was able to retake control of his body from the Daemon. Leonatos thanked Lysander for all that he had done and warned him that he must escape the ship while he kept the Daemon at bay; and before the Black Crusade's fleet was destroyed, in an ambush from the Imperial Navy. As the Imperial Navy began their attack on The Destroyer's fleet, Lysander was able to reach a drop pod and escaped the Battle Barge before it was destroyed. The rest of the Daemon's fleet was destroyed soon afterwards, bringing an end to its Crusade.[1c]