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Black Staff of Ahriman

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The Black Staff of Ahriman[3]

The Black Staff of Ahriman is an ornate Force weapon used by Ahzek Ahriman, Chaos Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons. It acts as a focus for his psychic energy, enabling him to call on a multitude of Chaos Psychic Powers.[1]

This staff was created by Ahriman himself from parts, each of which is a separate powerful artifact. The haft of the staff is made from the charred fragments of Ahriman's hequa staff, that was burned during the Space Wolves invasion on Prospero.[2] The blade of the staff - is a remnants of the desecrated Spear of Shadows, taken from the dying hands of Farseer Kalrimon.[1] Instead of the top of the staff the horns of Daemon Prince Vaddh'akar's are set. The "eye" in the top is a Stone of Hidden Truths, recovered from the ruins of Tizca city. The sacred fetishes of the staff contain ashes of Prospero, crushed Psychneuein wings, soulbound skull of the last Chamylidryth Prophet and more.[3] When Ahriman gathered all the parts together and finished the ritual of creating a Black Staff, cries of pain and horror swept through the immaterium. Though imperceptible to mortal eyes, the Staff appears as a blazing scar of darkness in the warp to those, who are blessed with the witch-sight.[2]

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