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Corvus (Blood Angel)

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Corvus was a Battle Brother of the Blood Angels in late M41.[3]


This page contains spoilers for: Blood Angels (Novel Series)

A member of the Bellus expedition fleet, Corvus swore fealty to Arkio the Blessed after witnessing the latter's "miraculous" deeds on Cybele and Shenlong. However, after Arkio's brother Rafen exposed Arkio as corrupted by Chaos, Corvus recanted and begged for forgiveness.[1]

At Rafen's request, Mephiston allowed those surviving members of Arkio's following to rejoin the Chapter, subject to a series of rigorous trials to atone for their disloyalty. Rafen was confident that they would survive these tests.[2][3]

Corvus was later surprised, and humbled, when Rafen, now a sergeant, selected him for his new Tactical Squad. Brother Turcio was also selected. The presence of these two apostate Marines was extremely galling to the squad's youngest member, Brother Ajir, who believed that turning against the Chapter was unforgivable.[4a]

In the battle to defend the Blood Angels' chapel on Baal from the attack of the Bloodfiends, Corvus threw himself between one of the mutants and Ajir, taking a mortal wound. Shaken, Ajir said that he had not been in danger and Corvus had just thrown away his life.[2b]

After the battle, Ajir said that Corvus had died for nothing, in a misguided attempt to redeem himself. Turcio coolly said that there was more to Corvus than the penitent brand on his face, and that he had died in defense of his Battle-Brother, as any true Blood Angel would.[4c]