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Court of the Nephilim King

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Court of the Nephilim King is a splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth that draws ever closer to the galactic core and skirts the western border of the Ultima Segmentum, where it preys upon remote Systems and Frontier Worlds.[1a]


The Imperium first encountered the splinter fleet when it reached the Nephilim Sector and fought the Dark Angels Chapter's Ravenwing. The Court of the Nephilim King was victorious in the encounter, as the Ravenwing's swift harrying tactics, which had proved so vital against mass Tyranid swarms before, were ineffective against the towering bio-horrors that the splinter fleet hurled into the fray.[1a]

The menace of the Court of the Nephilim King was next encountered upon the world Rakkor IX, which was sworn to the Knights of House Raven. The Household's Knights rallied to the world's defence, but fought a foe that had markedly changed its tactics since Behemoth first battered its way across Ultramar. Instead of unleashing vast swarms of lesser organisms, the splinter fleet deployed synapse creatures and monstrous warrior-forms, which are able to fight with far greater autonomy than a typical Tyranid invasion force. During the battle with the Tyranids, the Knights of House Raven began to recognize a dark mirror of their own feudal structure within the Xenos and, after witnessing the abilities of the Hive Tyrant that led them, the Knights named the splinter fleet the Court of the Nephilim King. The battle went poorly for the Knights, as the Court adapted with astonishing speed to every tactic and strategy they employed. The splinter fleet also preyed upon the Knights' pride and aggression in order to isolate and destroy individual war machines and Rakkor IX was soon lost to the Tyranids. As the world began to be devoured, the surviving Knights of House Raven escaped and swore an oath of vengeance upon the Court of the Nephilim King.[1b]


The Court of the Nephilim King relies not on sheer numbers, but on the ferocity and intelligence of the most advanced Tyranid bioforms, forming a twisted mirror of a knightly brotherhood. The Hive Tyrant who leads this group of synapse creatures and gigantic Bio-Titans is known as the Nephilim King and though countless foes have sought to slay the creature, none have succeeded.[1c]

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