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Nephilim Sector

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Nephilim Sector
Galactic location of the Nephilim Sector.[2]

The Nephilim Sector is a Sector of the Imperium.[1]

It is most notable for being the site of the discovery of the STC to the Nephilim Jetfighter, which was named after the Sector itself.[1]

In the wake of the Great Rift's creation, the Imperium noted that it did not recive any distress calls from its worlds in the Sector. Suspicious of what this could mean, Lord Commander Guilliman dispatched the Indomitus Crusade's Battle Group Kallides to investigate. What they found changed the galaxy forever, as they discovered that the Warp had been stilled within a region of the Nephilim Sector. Though they learned that both the engine's of the Battlegroup's warships and its Psykers struggled to operate as a result, the collapse of their Gellar Fields did not cause Daemons to materialize either. A grave draw back, however, was that all the Humans of the Battlegroup - save for its Adepta Sororitas - fell victim to a deep lethargy. Worse still, the Imperial worlds they visited stood empty, devoid of any of its citizens. As a result, that region of the Sector became known to the Crusade fleet as the Pariah Nexus.[2]

The mystery was finally solved on Mesmoch, when a group of Battle Group Kallides' Ultramarines discovered a Necron pylon created from Blackstone.[2] The region was subsequently invaded by the Imperium in the War in the Pariah Nexus.[2]

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