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Deff Skwadron

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Ork flyboy formation; for the Graphic Novel, see Deff Skwadron (Graphic Novel).
The Aces of Deff Skwadron

The Deff Skwadron is an infamous Mob of Fighta-Bommer Flyboyz who serve Warboss Badthug. Led by Flyboss Uzgob, this unit of misfits became one of the most iconic flyboy formations in recent memory due to their vital role in the Waaagh! between the rival Warbosses Badthug and Grimlug.[1][2] The skwadron is defined by their dedication to completing missions at all costs, [2a] perhaps best described by Gizmod, who once remarked to his kommanda: "since when 'ave a few missin' wings an' engines ever stopped us doin' the business?" [2b] The current status of the skwadron is unknown.

Known Members

Whilst indicated on numerous occasions to be a full fighter-wing, only the following four members of the skwadron are known:[2]

Kommanda Uzgob a.k.a Maverork [4b]

The leader of the skwadron, Uzgob displays a notable disdain for other Flyboy Mobs,[2c] taking every available opportunity to attack allied Fighta-Bommer units such as Karnage Skwadron[2d] & Kannibal Skwadron,[2e] without being caught. Within his own unit, Uzgob routinely voices his approval of Killboy,[2f] and often displays his dislike of the inept Raznuts.[2g] Whilst in service to Badthug, his Warboss frequently addressed him incorrectly as Ugzob [2h]. During the Third War for Armageddon, Uzgob was captured by Imperial forces and later studied in captivity by the Xenobiologist, Fremant; his fate is unknown.[3]

Gorthunk a.k.a Killboy [4b]

Regarded by Uzgob as the best Flyboy in the skwadron[2f] even if he "can't shoot or fly worth a zog" ,[2i] Killboy is a dedicated and reliable combatant, often continuing the mission even after his Fighta-Bommer has been severely damaged or downed.[2j] Due to his high crash rate, Killboy boasts extensive bionik parts, so much so that his body is almost entirely augmetic, with little flesh. [2k]

Raznuts a.k.a Da Goose [4b]

Despite being Second in Command, Raznuts is the least valued member of the unit, once described as a scheming glory-hunter.[2l] An inept pilot, he is often the first to be shot down during any engagement, surviving via parachute (the only unit member known to do this).[2m] Uzgob constantly jokes about shooting at him, either in the air or on the ground, and actually does so on one occasion [2f]. He is frequently abandoned in enemy territory by his skwadmates after an engagement.[2n] He is known to be a boastful liar about his killcount.[2l][4b]

Gimzod, the navigator

Uzgob's personal navigator and the skwadron's resident Smartboy, Gimzod is the 'ideas guy' of the unit. As navigator, Gimzod shares Uzgob's cockpit, calculating approach vectors, speed and other flight information necessary for aerial combat operations. [2]

Notable Engagements


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