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Deucalion Crusade

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The Deucalion Crusade was an Imperial Crusade launched by the Cadian Warmaster Ryse, in 992.M41.[1]


Ursarkar E. Creed served in the Crusade and after being responsible for a string of victories, the Warmaster made him a General despite his youth[2]. This was the beginning of Creed's rise and in the last years of the Crusade, Ryse kept Creed close to his side and leaned heavily upon the young General's tactical abilities. This led to Creed having much of the Warmaster's forces under his direct command and many of the Crusades' junior officers came to whisper that the General should replace Ryse. Creed put a stop to such talk, but privately he would complain that Ryse's greatest concern was the Crusade's legacy. This feeling increased as a rise in Chaos activity in the Cadian Gate, led Creed to believe another Black Crusade was underway. He brought his concerns to Ryse, but the Warmaster repeatedly dismissed Creed's concerns for three years, until 999.M41 when Imperial forces were called to muster on Cadia. This occurred after the Chaos activity in the Cadian Gate could no longer be denied and the gathering on Cadia, would allow the Imperium to better deal with the threat. This caused Ryse to end the Deucalion Crusade, but he brought its forces to Cadia[3a] and Creed was proven correct, when the Battle of Tyrok Fields began, shortly after they arrived[1]. It was the opening shot of the 13th Black Crusade and afterwards, Warmaster Ryse led the Crusade's former forces in the defense of his Homeworld. However this was brought to an end, when the Fortress World was destroyed by Abaddon the Despoiler and the Warmaster was later not accounted for, among the Imperial forces that escaped Cadia's death.[3b]