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Efried[1a] (sometimes spelled Effried[3]) was the Captain of the Imperial Fists Legion Third Company during the Great Crusade, where he fought several battles beside the Company of the Sons of Horus Captain Iacton Qruze. He was later present aboard the Phalanx when the Death Guard warship, the Eisenstein was intercepted following its escape from the Isstvan system and learned of Horus betrayal from its weary survivors. After hearing of Horus' actions, the Primarch Rogal Dorn created the Retribution Fleet from his forces, and sent it to the Isstvan System to confront his Brother; while the rest of his Legion, including Efried and his Company, would return with the Primarch to Terra, and prepare for any further betrayal.[1a]

During the journey to Terra, Efried, like his fellow Captain Halbrecht, displayed a conservative and cautious approach to the survivors of the Eisenstein, as their claim that Horus and several of his fellow Primarchs had turned against the Imperium was hard for him to believe. He later told Iacton Qruze and the Death Guard Captain Nathaniel Garro, that he considered it possible that the survivors of the Eisenstein were themselves traitors, who had been sent to kill the Emperor.[1b]

However, Iacton Qruze and Nathaniel Garro had spoken the truth and the Horus Heresy soon engulfed the Imperium. Several years later into the Heresy, when the Alpha Legion began their attack on the Sol System, Efried had been promoted to the rank of Lord Castellan and given the title Seneschal within his Legion; as well as being given command of Terra's Third Sphere of defense, which oversaw the defenses of Jupiter. During the final phase of the Solar War, he held off an Iron Warriors-led armada at Jupiter for as long as he could before being eventually forced to withdraw to Terra as the Siege of Terra began.[3]