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Flesh Hooks

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Flesh Hooks[6]

Flesh Hooks are a Tyranid Biomorph.


Usually equipped by Lictors, Flesh Hooks are sharp barbs attached to long, sinewy tentacles, which are kept coiled close to the Lictor's rib cage, until they are fired by a powerful muscle spasm. The Lictor can use these hooks either to scale sheer obstacles, or to snag luckless prey and drag it into the Lictor's waiting claws.[1]

Previous Editions

In 4th Edition and 3rd Edition Flesh Hooks are carbon-based sinews which can be launched through a bodily contraction in a form similar to a grapnel. This allows the creature to both hook into walls, giving them greater ability to climb, and attach to enemies from a distance to prevent them from attacking while the creature approaches.[2][3][4]

In 2nd Edition, Flesh Hooks were evident when the creature's molecular structure had been altered to include sharpened hooks which can be launched through muscular contraction from the creature's rib cage.[5]