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Ghost Warriors are mechanical Wraithbone constructs created by the Eldar race, empowered by souls contained within Spirit Stones drawn from from an Infinity Circuit. Wraithguard and Wraithblades are the most prominent type of ghost warrior, followed by Wraithlords and Wraithseers.[2][3] Support ships include Hemlock Wraithfighters and Wraithships.


Ghost-Warriors were first introduced in the 1st Edition where they along with Spirit-Warriors are shown as an alternate to Eldar Dreadnoughts where they are referred to as robots. They are smaller than Spirit-Warriors, as their purpose is assassination, infiltration and sabotage missions. The control system for these robots is provided by an Infinity Circuit whilst their bodies are crafted from a special plastic substance known as Stelhene that makes them invisible to most forms of sensors. This combination of Stelhene along with internal energy shielding makes a Ghost-Warrior nearly impossible to see by any means other than eye-sight.[1]

Variant models include the Executioner class which is typically equipped with a chainfist, a power glove and a flamer, and coated with Cameleoline. In contrast, an Assassin-class models two power gloves and a shuriken catapult as part of its armaments; they are also coated in Cameleoline and equipped with a teleport homer.[1]

They have not appeared in following editions though Spirit Stone-equipped Wraithlord and Wraithguard are similar constructs in the current background.