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Hellebore Frigate

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Hellebore Class Frigate[1]

The Hellebore Class Frigate is a class of Eldar space vessel.[1]


The Hellebore is the embodiment of Eldar ideas and technology in that it is a good, all-round vessel which can match the payload of an Imperial light cruiser while maintaining the speed and agility of an escort. They excel at ambushes as their torpedoes can scatter vessels and then their Pulsar Lances and Weapons Battery can take over to destroy stragglers.[4]

Technical Specifications[5]

  • Dimensions: 1.8km long, 0.3km abeam
  • Mass: 5 megatonnes
  • Acceleration: 9.5 Gravities

Notable engagements

The Imperial Dictator Class Cruiser Fortitude was reduced to a hulk by a squadron of Hellebores, and the Gothic Class Cruiser Sword of Orion was crippled during the abortive Picus Offensive.[1]



Hellebore is the name of a plant genus of which many species are poisonous.


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