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The term Ghostships does not refer to a particular class of vessel per se, but rather to those Eldar ships whose crews have dwindled over the years to the point where they must be bolstered by Spirit stones. In some cases, a Ghostship will lack living crew altogether, instead controlled entirely by Spirit stones, often those of its original crew. The presence of these Spirit stones brings a strange sort of sentience to the living wraithbone core from which Eldar ships are built. When combined with a Ghostship's typically tiny crew, this can make Ghostships relatively difficult to damage.[1]

Ghostships are not without their problems, however. The same issues that plague Wraithguard and Wraithlords are present in Ghostships to such a degree that a Spiritseer is all but required to guide the ancient spirits that control the ship. The very use of the Spirit stones of long-dead Eldar is also considered abhorrent to the Eldar, and as such they are only used in times of dire need, as is the case with Craftworld Iyanden.[1]


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