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Ipluvien Maximal

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Ipluvien Maximal was a powerful Tech-Priest of the Mechanicum during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. Maximal's forges churned out valuable reactors and he was a close ally to Adept Koriel Zeth, who he helped construct the Akashic Reader. Maximal remained loyal to the Emperor in the Schism of Mars, and his forces bore the brunt of the traitor Scrapcode thanks to his utilization of the Noosphere. However Maximal's forces were soon besieged by Kelbor-Hal's twisted Skitarii and Servitors, and while he was able to initially hold out his outnumbered forces were eventually overwhelmed. As his forges were being overrun, Maximal detonated his own reactors in a final act of defiance. Maximal was atomized along with traitor forces in a gigantic explosion.[1]