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Kleos was a Captain in the Emperor's Children Legion during the Great Crusade.[1]

He was known as a noble swordsman who wielded a Charnabal Sabre with great skill. When the Horus Heresy began, Kleos joined his Primarch Fulgrim in turning upon the Emperor and, while commanding the Battle Barge Callidora, the Captain took part in the Dropsite Massacre[1a]. There, above Isstvan V, the Callidora fired upon its former comrades' ships; among them being the Iron Hands' Strike Cruiser Veritas Ferrum, which the Battle Barge had often fought beside during the Great Crusade.[1b]

After the Dropsite Massacre was completed, Kleos joined an Emperor's Children fleet before he was ordered to the Hamartia System; along with the Escorts Infinite Sublime and the Golden Mean. However, when they arrived, they were ambushed by the vengeful Iron Hands Captain Durun Atticus, who had commanded the Veritas Ferrum during the Dropsite Massacre and was eager to strike a blow against the Traitors who had betrayed his Legion. Having been forewarned in advance of the Callidora's arrival, by his Astropath Rhydia Erephren, Atticus had his crew lay space mines where the Emperor's Children's ships would enter the system; which led to the destruction of the Infinite Sublime and crippled the Golden Mean. When the mines exploded, the Veritas Ferrum struck and finished off the Golden Mean, before attacking the wounded Callidora and then launching boarding torpedoes at the Battle Barge[1b]. After they struck, Atticus led his Company in storming the Callidora's bridge, where he dueled with Kleos. During their battle, Kleos struck a blow against Atticus, which should have greatly wounded the Iron Hands Captain, but with his heavily mechanical body, it merely inconvenienced him. Before Kleos could strike again though, Atticus brought his Chainaxe down upon the Captain's head and the Callidora's bridge fell soon afterwards. Though Kleos had sent out a plea for aid, as the Iron Hands boarded the Callidora, it would not arrive before the Iron Hands sent the Battle Barge into an asteroid field, where it was destroyed.[1a]