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Lord Korus

Korus was a Chaos Lord of the Iron Warriors who sought to reclaim a lost weapon from Exyrion.[1a]


After the warp-storms shrouding the Calaphrax Cluster abated in M41 for the first time in ten millennia, Korus headed to the Exyrion system to reclaim the weapon the Iron Warriors used during the Battle of Exyrion. He is both cautious and superstitious, being sure to both take the measure of his enemy from a concealed position and consult his soothsayer, Astorax, before making s move.[1a] In order to crack open the hive on the surface of Exyrion, Korus fitted boosters to an asteroid that was launched at the surface.[1b]

In the wake of the asteroid impact, Korus led his Iron Warriors to the surface, fighting the Lion's Blade strike force of Master Seraphus in the Second Battle of Exyrion.[1c] He was apparently consumed by the warp after the Orb of Exyrion was activated by the Dark Angels.[1d] He was briefly succeeded by Bartok before Rendix took over command with the assistance of the Fallen.[2]


Lord Korus wore Terminator Armour and wielded a Thunder Hammer.[1c]

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